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Stryker's Custom Offenhausers
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Stark Edmunds Offy Donovan Stark Les Stark Offy Les Stark Offy
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Shelby York Kurtis Kraft 
Shelby York Kurtis Kraft
Bob McMurtry Lenora McMurtry
Homer Norman Offy Homer Norman Offy
Barney Moore and his Kurtis
John Moser Kurtis Offy John Moser Kurtis Offy
Les and Donovan Stark
Bob and Lenora McMurtry
Shelby York
Homer Norman
John Moser
Barney Moore
Norm Jackson's 110 being prepared to ship to AustraliaNorm Jackson's 110 being prepared to ship to Australia
Norm Jackson

  Thank you very much the engine looks too good to put in the car, very nice job if it goes like it looks I should have many years of use.
I now see from the work you do that you pride yourself in what you do, you have returned an old engine to its former glory!
Many thanks best wishes.

Norm Jackson"

Carol and Carl Kraft
C&C Racing Edmunds Offy
Carol and Carl